Reiki and reiki research site.

Welcome to my reiki and reiki research site.

Some years ago I was concerned that useful information was not always readily available for those interested in finding out about reiki. Some web sites seem more concerned about selling a product and this is still the case to a large extent. Some web sites explained reiki in terms in which I could not recognise my own reiki or reiki experience. Most websites did not give information from the Reiki receiver’s point of view. For me, it is still the receiver who has the most importance. It is they who, being in charge of their own life and health, decide to have, or continue to receive, reiki. This should be very important to any reiki practitioner.

This website is mainly for sharing information about reiki sessions and the outcomes of reiki sessions and contains:

  • What general comments are said by reiki receivers about their reiki sessions.
  • What Reiki receivers say about their own ‘progress’ during a series of one or more Reiki sessions and is organised on the basis of condition and symptom.
  • Information about Reiki that might be useful in a general way as well as specific references.
  • Information about me.
  • Links to other websites.

This website is updated as further data is collected from Reiki receivers.

Joe Potter – Reiki MasterĀ Practitioner/Teacher